Your personal working area at TRIOTOP

This is an overview of the accommodation available. Interested? Contact us for an individual offer. We'll be happy to assist you. Open interactive map.

BuildingSpaces availableAvailable spaceCan be split up
Alpha eins und zwei - - -
Daidalos approx. 3.150m² in 12 months Can be split (200-750m²)
etrium 250m² immediately -
nessie - - -
Passepartout approx. 2.000m² - -
SL 145 approx. 2.200m² in approx. 15 months Can be split (200-1,000m²)
Snake 6.200m² auf Anfrage 260 -1.975 m²
Wassermannhaus - - -
Zwitschermaschine A+B EG: 193 m²
2./3.OG: 284 m²
EG: 1.9.2016
2./3.OG: sofort
Zwitschermaschine C+D approx. 2.500m² in approx. 15 months Can be split (90-1.200m²)