Alpha eins und zwei

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Architecture from another galaxy

From the outside, it looks like a monolith made of multi-colour bricks. Inside it has another spacious, high room over which the light-flooded office floor seems to float. Weightlessness in a robust shell – doesn't it remind you of "lunar base Alpha One"?

An atrium on the top floor surrounded by offices creates line of sight to the ground floor. This allows rapid communication between the employees on all floors. A lot of daylight, space and the interior design with enhanced industrial materials make up the offices' unique loft character.

This is also the case in the three-story "Alpha Two" extension, which offers users an extended delivery area and additional logistics and office space. The mezzanine floor also has a conference area, while the generous rooftop terrace provides a place to take a break and catch your breath.

The architectural concept of the interior hinges on the idea of intertwining the existing and new building structures. The new structure was added on to the existing facade in a way that the clinker bricks are visible from the interior.

Alpha One received recognition at the Cologne Prize for Architecture 2010, while the building complex as a whole received distinctions in the 2012 "Vorbildliche Gewerbebauten" (Exemplary Commercial Buildings) competition held by the Foundation for Building Culture ("Stiftung Baukultur") and the Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK).

  • Layout: 1 to 2 units, as required
  • Ideal for: integrated areas for bespoke rooms and functions, such as storage spaces, offices or meeting rooms.
  • Space for rent: approx. 1,150m² for logistics, approx. 1,600m² for offices

Architect: giuliani.hönger, Zürich