Appropriate rooms for any vision

Why don't you work where you want to work, namely in a loft flooded with light on the top floor of an office block or in an energy-efficient passive office building. Or somewhere else. Because the buildings in TRIOTOP were and continue to be developed on the basis of close collaboration between users, developers and architects.

However you imagine your working world, TRIOTOP provides everything – except for standard solutions. Get inspired by the projects. You will see that not only the names are extraordinary.

TRIOTOP Cologne – individual spaces for your company:

  • flexible rooms that adapt to your requirements
  • Areas for nearly every use, whether office, logistics, laboratory or service
  • Areas with service that make carrying out your business easier.

And all of this integrated into an oasis of green, because Triotop represents the fusion of architecture with nature. Experience architecture and unspoiled nature by taking a virtual tour of TRIOTOP.