Spaces available

approx. 3.150m², in 12 months, Can be split (200-750m²)

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Business at a high level

In Greek mythology, Daidalos was a builder and artist. The Daidalos office block also allows its tenants a lot of creative freedom. Only the total area of the seven floors is determined. Inside open space offices can be created in the same way as individual offices. One storey can also be split into two independent units as a result of access from two sides.

As a milestone, Daidalos points the way to TRIOTOP. Its façade made of glass and exposed concrete is clearly presented in structure and varied in its construction. In front of it, another space offers a green touch. Here, there are benches under the trees and bamboo plants rustle in the wind. All of this reflects the basic idea of TRIOTOP: work-create-enjoy.

Ideal for:

  • Flat-roofed section: e.g. catering, trade, showroom (ground floor and first floor 350 m², can be split into 2 units)
  • Levels 2-8: offices (approx. 380 m² per floor, can be split into 2 units)