etrium = atrium + energy efficiency

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1300m², 01.09.2022

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Phenomenal design options

Energy efficiency is nowadays worth its weight in gold. This was the opinion of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen (DGNB) - (German Sustainable Building Council), which awarded the etrium with "Gütesiegel in Gold" (the gold seal of quality). The innovative building managed to also pick up the silver PROM 2009 award and is one of the first existing buildings which has been certified under the new standard of BREEAM.DE. The etrium received five of six stars and got the second highest award “excellent”.

The etrium is Cologne's first large office building that works as a passive office building. Inside, there is always a pleasant indoor temperature without conventional heating or air conditioning. The efficient technology and an innovative façade keep additional costs to a minimum by using the sun, wind and geothermal energy as an energy source. The atrium, the roofed internal courtyard, is the heart of the office building. It forms the communicative epicentre while at the same time radiating tranquility.

The etrium is the result of a trend-setting cooperation between the construction company Friedrich Wassermann, the users from the area of renewable sources of energy and the architects Benthem Crouwel.

Find out more about the etrium, our passive office building, and its sophisticated design (watch the video)

  • Layout: 3 office floors, each can be split into 2 units of approx. 430 - 580 m²
  • Floor space: approx. 3,750m²

Architect: Benthem Crouwel, Aachen/Amsterdam

Integral energy planning: Ecofys Germany GmbH

Building physics and PHPP (passive house planning package): ISRW Klapdor GmbH, Düsseldorf

Energy and climate simulation: ifes GmbH

Building equipment planning: Zeiler & Partner