Bürohaus „Snake“ – das neue Entree des TRIOTOP

Gesamtschule Wasseramselweg der Stadt Köln

SL 145

The first programmable building

Ground floor: studio space, storage, trade or catering (2 units of approx. 410 m² with a ceiling height of 4.3 m, 1st top floor: Office space (approx. 800 m², can be split into 2 rental units), 2nd top floor: Office space (approx. 480 m², can be split into 2 rental units)

Spaces available:
approx. 2.200m² , in approx. 15 months , Can be split (200-1,000m²)

Zwitschermaschine C+D

Taking the building that grows with you one step further

Ideal for:
Office/studio (approx. 2,500 m²)

Spaces available:
approx. 2.500m² , in approx. 18 months , Can be split (90-1.200m²)

Zwitschermaschine A+B

Finally, a building that adapts to your needs

Layout: flexibly adjustable thanks to partitions
Space for rent: Blocks of approx. 25 m² that can be combined in any way, with a ceiling height of 3 m, across multiple floors, approx. 90 -1,200 m²


Phenomenal design options

Ideal for:
Offices (1,320m²) and logistics (900m²)

Alpha eins und zwei

Architecture from another galaxy

Ideal for:
Offices (approx. 1,650m²) and logistics (approx. 1,150m²)


Business at a high level

Ideal for specialist use: e.g. catering, trade or showrooms (ground-floor and first-floor spaces 350 m², each can be split into 2 units), levels 2-8: offices (approx. 380 m² per floor, can be split into 2 units)

Spaces available:
approx. 3.150m² , in 12 months , Can be split (200-750m²)


Sophisticated architecture making clever use of a small number of materials

Ideal for:
Offices, studio, logistics


Architecture meets nature

The "Wassermann" Park is an organically shaped park landscape that connects the biotope around the Wassermann Lake and the TRIOTOP business park. The Wassermann Park completes the holistic TRIOTOP philosophy: work – create – enjoy.

Belvederebrücke & TRIOTOP-Platz

All paths lead to TRIOTOP

The "Belvederebrücke" bridge, approx. 100 meters in length, provides a quick route to the Vogelsang and Müngersdorf districts. At the foot of the Belvederebrücke, TRIOTOP-Platz provides a space in which to pass the time and relax, or to find out a little about the history behind TRIOTOP.


Flexible, multi-talented, adaptable

Ideal for:
Offices, storage, studios and trade (building can be split in various ways with unit spacing based on 9 m of building depth)

Spaces available:
approx. 2.000m²

Baufeld 09

As you like it!

Ideal for:
production, storage, office space, approx. 7,500 m² GFA

Spaces available:
approx. 6.000m² , nach Vereinbarung


etrium = atrium + energy efficiency

Ideal for:
Offices approx. 3,750m²/can be split (430-580m²)

Show spaces available