Spaces available

1st construction section: There is currently no space available
2nd construction section: already under way

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Phenomenal design options

No mythical creature: In contrast to its namesake, nessie is real – but just as remarkable. The west wing towers like a head, the body wriggles through the office wing to the projecting east wing. The dynamic shape reveals the diversity and creative freedom that the interior spaces offer.

The logistics area on the ground floor covers two storeys. Despite the good thermal insulation values, the translucent façade lets in a lot of natural light. Thus, you do not need much artificial lighting. On the floor above, offices nestle around the green courtyard shaded by bamboo.

  • Layout: 1st floor with logistics area, offices above, flexible configuration, can be split into 2-4 units
  • Ideal for: office / logistics
  • Leased/rental space, first construction section:
    Ground floor: approx. 900 m² for logistics, approx. 150 m² for offices
    Mezzanine floor: approx. 320 m² for offices/archive
    Top floor: approx. 890 m² for offices
  • Leased/rental space, second construction section:
    Ground floor: approx. 850 m² for logistics
    Top floor: approx. 1,250 m² for offices

Architect: LEPEL & LEPEL, Köln