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Sophisticated architecture making clever use of a small number of materials

"Traditionally innovative" – according to the maxim of the company Friedrich Wassermann. And, both tradition and innovation will be reflected in the architecture of the "Wassermannhaus".

In future, a tectonic administration building will rise out of a sheet of water over the gleaming, elongated steel cube that has already been completed and houses workshops and logistics spaces. The administration building will be the creative heart and nerve centre of the company.

There is a lot of room for visions in the future company headquarters of Friedrich Wassermann with its loft-style offices and a view over the adjacent lake as far Cologne's cathedral. Inside, the light-flooded office building is spaciously and translucently designed. On the second floor, an open terrace area attracts light that illuminates the offices. Floor-to-ceiling windows are partially concealed behind the masonary shell and open a performance of views. Sophisticated architecture, which manages with fewer resources that are cleverly dosed.

Ideal for: office, workshop and logistics